2024-25 PIE Dress Code

Students at Pine Island Elementary School should abide by the School District of Lee County’s district dress code policy as outlined in the Code of Conduct as well as the more specific dress code rules designed especially for our school.

Personal appearance must not detract from the educational process. The purpose of the dress code is to encourage students to focus on the learning process without the distractions of unsuitable dress and grooming. Students will maintain a clean, orderly appearance at all times.

● Hoodie sweatshirts may be worn, but hoods must be down at all times.

● The wearing of hats or sunglasses on campus except in conjunction with authorized activities (PE/Recess) is prohibited.

● Shoes must be securely attached to the foot so that it cannot fall off. Tennis shoes and socks are required for physical education classes.

Crocs, flip flops, and slides are not permitted.

● Apparel shall be adequate in both length and coverage to be considered appropriate for school. The appropriate length for shorts and skirts is mid-thigh.

● Pants shall be worn fastened and at the waist. Pants with lettering on the back are not allowed.

● Students are not permitted to wear make-up or artificial nails.

Hair must be a natural color (brown, black, blond, natural red). Students with colored hair gel or hair that is dyed an unnatural color are not permitted in class. Any hair style (such as mohawks) that could cause a distraction to the learning environment is not allowed.

● Clothes shall be the appropriate size to fit the child. Shirts and blouses must extend beyond the waist level. Oversized shirts, pants and/or jackets are not allowed.

● Transparent, see-through tops, bare midriff, strapless, low-cut, spaghetti strap tops and outfits that provide minimum coverage or are of a suggestive nature are not allowed. Halters, backless dresses or tops, tube tops, tank tops, muscle shirts, spandex, or any clothing that may be distracting is prohibited.

● Any article of clothing or jewelry that may cause injury such as long necklaces, bracelets, rings, dangling earrings or chokers (with or without spikes) are not allowed. Wallet chains and

● items hanging from belt loops are prohibited.

● Apparel, emblems, insignias, badges or symbols that promote the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco or any other illegal activities are prohibited.

● Apparel that is gang or cult related is prohibited.

● Adornment that is attached (pierced or tattoos) to exposed body parts other than the ears is not acceptable.

● Slogans or advertising on clothing, which is controversial or obscene, is prohibited.

● Physical Education Attire

     ○ Tennis shoes and socks are required for physical education classes. Shorts must be worn under dresses. Please wear appropriate shoes on days PE is scheduled, as there is little time to change.

     ○ Hats and sunglasses may be worn during PE classes.

     ○ Sunscreen can be worn, but must be applied at home.

     ○ Students that do not wear appropriate shoes on PE days will sit out for that day.